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img_8101-copyThis year, the end of the school year seems even more drawn out and chaotic than normal.  Although maybe I’ve just blocked out the last few end-of-the-years as a defense mechanism.

The one thing I am pretty happy about is how ON TOP of the teacher gifts I am (so far–there are still a few days left and I could drop the ball).

For O’s preschool teachers, I got crafty.  His school ended just before Memorial Day weekend when I still had a few moments to breathe because swim season hadn’t started, so we only had three sports teams going, instead of four.

I made each of his teachers a little zipper pouch coin purse using this tutorial–it’s my favorite little purse tutorial.  These literally take less than an hour to make from the time I get out my machine and decide on fabrics, to the time I pack everything up off the kitchen table and back to the sad little storage area where I keep all my sewing stuff (I swear, one of these days I will get a sewing area set up permanently).  I used fabric I already had, zippers I already had, and inside each one I put an Amazon gift card.  Easy-peasy and so fun!

I am the room parent for the two older kids, so I took up a collection in each of their classes.  Each kid in the class who wanted to participate chipped in $5 and we collected enough to get the teacher something really nice.  I always sort of feel like $5 from each kid individually can equal a whole bunch of little things the teacher may not want/need.  But $5 combined from all the kids equals a really great teacher gift–shopping for a $150 gift the teacher will love is a lot easier than shopping for a $15 gift the teacher will love. 🙂

After asking some subject matter experts (Matt’s cousins, who’ve taught kindergarten and first grade for the last ten years), I decided to get gift cards for the teachers with the money we collected.  Teachers often spend their own hard-earned cash on classroom supplies, so gift cards are really appreciated.  I also used some of the cash to buy inexpensive but cute little wallets at Target to put the gift cards in.  Done–cute and useful teacher gifts! 

If nothing else, then, at least I’m on top of one thing in this end of the school year chaos!



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