Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

My family LOVES fruits and veggies of all types and we eat them by the pound.  Although I wish I could have a lovely and inspiring garden in the yard and grow my own, I have come to terms with the fact that I am a wonderful gardener in April, and a terrible one in July (you know, when the plants actually need water and weeding and care).

In theory, I love homegrown fruit and veggies.  In practice, I love fresh (organic) fruit and veggies that someone else has grown.

I’m working on my gardening issues, but until then, I have found a perfect solution:

We have a produce box delivered every week by a great service that I really love.  We get mostly local (all organic) produce, but since bananas don’t grow in the Mid-Atlantic Unites States, some of what we receive does travel a ways to get to us.  I’m okay with that.

My kids are always excited to open the box–although I know in advance what we’re getting (and can make changes to our delivery to avoid getting food I know won’t get eaten), they don’t.  It’s so much fun to see them sort through the box, naming the fruits and veggies, fist-pumping because we got peaches, and usually digging in to something before most of the produce has been put away.  Today it was the blackberries that beckoned, and now I have four children with purple stained lips sitting at my kitchen table.

An added bonus to this delivery is that we’ve tried, and LOVED, several new foods that we probably would never have bought on our own in the grocery store–fennel, garlic scapes, watermelon radishes.  All delicious.  (Beets are still not a fave in this house though, despite several attempts.  They are now on the do-not-deliver-list.)

What about you–what are your favorite fruits and veggies, and your favorite sources for getting them?  Do you hit the farmers’ market, the grocery store, or are you one of the fortunate gardeners who can actually produce food in their yard?


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