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Dreamy farmhouse via For the Love of a House

Do you have a picture in your mind of your perfect home?   I do.  In a perfect world, I’d have an antique farmhouse on several wooded acres with old hardwood floors and lots of nooks for relaxing and reading.  There would be a farmers porch and stone walls outside, and it would be near the ocean, or at least a lake or river. 

For now though, that dream is not reality.  It’s there in the back of my mind, but rather than dwell on the currently-impossible, I try to be grateful for the house I do have.  And I love my house, from the awesome rec room in the basement that enables my crazy kids to run, run, run even when the weather keeps us indoors, to the travertine tile countertops in the kitchen that I thought I loved when we first moved in but that I actually hate because–ugh, cleaning grout.

So instead of a picture of my perfect dream home, I have a picture of my for-real home in it’s perfect, dream state.  We aren’t there yet, at the perfect dream state, but we’re moving closer. 

A year and a half ago, we finished the basement.  Matt and I did most of the work ourselves, with some unbelievable help from generous and talented family members.  The completion of that room changed our lives–literally–because it meant that we no longer had the majority of the kids’ playthings dead smack in the middle of our living space.  We put minimal furniture down there to create a room where the kids can play soccer and do gymnastics and dance and run.  And although we ran out of steam a bit and the finishes aren’t exactly 100% finished, I love that room.  And the finishes will get done, in time.

Our next project will be one that I have been dying to do for 5 years, ever since we ripped out the white carpeting on the main level that the previous owners installed and put in hardwood floors.  (White carpets with 4 kids and pets do not remain white for very long.)  Next Spring, we will rip out the remaining white (not really white anymore) carpet in the upstairs bedrooms and install hardwoods there too.  And I will never have carpet in my house again (except in the basement, which needs a soft surface on the floor for all that dancing and gymnastics).

There is a master list of home projects in my head, and the carpet is a major item to check off that to-do list.  Next will be getting rid of those damn travertine tile countertops.  All in good time, though. 

What’s your dream home?  And what about your current home–is it in it’s dream state?  Or, lucky you–do you live in your dream home already?


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