After what seems like the longest week of sickness ever, we are finally in recovery mode here. What I thought was a stomach bug for O morphed into something bigger; it turned out he has strep and scarlet fever!  Honestly, I’d never heard of someone getting scarlet fever in my life. When the doctor said that, the first thought I had was that only people living in the 19th century actually get scarlet fever.  Like Beth from Little Women (my favorite book).  It turns out that it’s not completely uncommon, but I was just not prepared to hear that diagnosis.

Today, with antibiotics in his system and the fevers and rash subsiding, O is feeling full of energy and back to his normal self.  He can’t return to school until Monday, but he’s also okay with that! I, on the other hand, feel a little bit like I was hit by a truck this week–Monday was so solely focused on helping O feel better with his stomach bug, Tuesday I thought we were in the clear and started the task of washing everyone’s sheets and cleaning up, then Wednesday we were back in sick-ville and O had a nasty red rash ALL over his body and a sore throat.  I’m just grateful we were able to get to the doctor and figure it all out so he can recover quickly and we can all get back to a normal routine.

When sickness hits, I find I have a very specific reaction and recovery process.  While my kids are sick, I drop most every household chore to the bottom of my list–I just focus on snuggling my sick baby and keeping them comfortable while doing the bare minimum of housework (dishes, cooking dinner…and that’s about it).  But that means that within a day or two, I have a mountain of work facing me.  And I ALWAYS change the linens on all the beds and wash towels and sheets after someone is sick–which means that on top of the laundry I ignored while one of my kids was sick, I also have several loads of linens to wash.  So while the recovery process for O involves lots of movie-watching and book-reading while snuggled on the couch, the recovery process for Mom (and Dad) means hours of cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming bedrooms, and washing clothes.  Sigh.  But it’s a parent’s job, and I’m grateful he was only sick for a few days and is on his way to health already.

What does your recovery process look like when one of your kids gets sick?  Any tips you can throw at me in my hour of need?


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