Sitting Still Guilt


I feel pretty busy most of the time–I think most people probably do.  Because I always feel like I have so much I need to accomplish, I have trouble just sitting down and relaxing.  I feel guilty when I use my free-time to do something unnecessary rather than get something checked off my To-Do List.  Unfortunately, because I keep a running list in my head of projects I’d like to get to, when I have downtime I always feel like I should start on one of those projects (yard work–my worst one, cleaning out the boys’ office/closet, painting the master bathroom…).

Although I try not to project my constant need to get things done onto the other people in my family, I don’t always succeed.  When Matt sits down to do nothing, and I still feel like I have a thousand things I want to get done, I may occasionally feel resentful or overreact.  Ahem.

In our house, though, Sunday football is pretty non-negotiable for Matt–unless there are extremely unusual circumstances, he is watching the games.  And truthfully, I really love sitting my butt down on the couch for the afternoon on Sunday and watching football, too (Go Pats!).  I have a small problem with feeling guilty about it though; there are obviously a million other things I could/should be doing with my time in the middle of a weekend afternoon. 

Thankfully, my mom taught me to knit a few years ago.  Although I am by NO means a skilled knitter, I’m working on it and I can do simple patterns.  The thing is, knitting while I watch football completely alleviates any guilt I feel about sitting on the couch and not “doing” anything–I am, in fact, working on Christmas gifts as I sit there!

As soon as Matt put on the 1pm game Sunday, I immediately went through my stash of yarn and cast on–football is now totally linked with knitting in my mind (yikes, I am old).  And I knit my way through an afternoon of football.

I think knitting is my therapy now.  It allows me to relax without guilt, it provides me with something to do with my hands that doesn’t require absolute concentration, and in the end I get a simple little scarf for someone I love. 

Does anyone else have trouble sitting and doing nothing without guilt?  I know I’m not the only one.  What do you do to de-stress and just relax?



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4 thoughts on “Sitting Still Guilt

  1. Kirsten Yepez

    I do! I actually sat outside and watched Christian’s football practice yesterday evening and it was AWESOME!!!!! I normally skip it to take care of the younger two but yesterday we all went and had a great time. There is always a million things to do! I hate it!

    1. Jessica

      I’m not, but I know it’s an amazing resource. I am still on the square-and-rectangle-pattern level; basically scarves and baby blankets! I’m getting better though!


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