Summer Vacation Finale

First beach trip–we got the ocean and a lake all in one week!

Where we live, school starts the day after Labor Day, so yesterday was our first day back.  B is in 4th grade, G is in 1st grade, and O started kindergarten!  And, Q starts preschool next week, so I will actually have two child-free mornings a week this year–so weird!

I love going back to school in early September; it just feels like the exact right time to me–the beginning of the new month with Fall just around the corner.  Plus, we made a point this year to really eke out every bit of fun we could from the last weeks of summer.  In August, we took a trip to Massachusetts to see my family, came home for a week, then took another trip to the beach with Matt’s parents for a few days.  By the end of that, even the kids were beached out.

On our second beach trip of the month!

The last week of August we really just relaxed, went to our neighborhood pool a lot, and I made lists upon lists of things I needed to do to get ready for school.

Labor Day weekend was our last hurrah and I really wanted to make it as fun as possible for the kids (and us).  I think we succeeded–first, we sent the kids camping for a day with Matt’s parents, where they tubed the Shenandoah River, played mini-golf, went to a concert on the green, went swimming in the campground pool, and had a sleepover in the camper.

While they were gone, Matt and I actually used some of the time to purge toys from the basement playroom without interference, but we also went on a rare date with no babysitter-induced curfew! (Not that we were out late–we were home at 10, but just the possibility that we could be out late was exciting!  Plus, we slept in until 8:30 the next morning with no disturbances–AMAZING!)

When the kids got back, we went to the neighborhood pool and spent hours relaxing while they played with all their friends.  We had ice cream for dinner and a family movie night on Sunday, a big pancake breakfast and another full day at the pool on Monday, and then got home, got clean, got clothes ironed, and got to bed early for the first day of school.  At the end of the weekend we were all exhausted, but in a really good way–we all knew we’d made the very most of summer, and everyone was ready for school to start.

First day of school–O started Kindergarten, G is in 1st grade, B is in 4th grade, and Q starts preschool next week.

And now we’re here, in another school year, and I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things and seeing what this new year brings.

When did school start where you are?  And did you do anything special to send off the summer?

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