Dressing Up

Probably 75% of my kids’ clothes here are from our favorite store, Bundle!

I love shopping for my kids.  Love it!  Probably to an unhealthy degree, actually.  I try to be sensible, but sometimes I can’t stop myself.

We get a lot of our staples at Old Navy and Target, particularly things I practically have to buy in bulk (plain t-shirts, jeans, socks), but I also like to make sure they always have a few stand-out items that won’t be worn by half the other kids in their class.

I want them to look nice, have quality clothes that won’t wear out quickly, and to learn to pay attention to what they’re wearing so they can develop their own tastes by being exposed to a lot of different lines and styles of clothes. 

My very favorite place to find higher-end, stylish, and high-quality items for my kids’ closets is Bundle.  We are lucky enough to know the owner, Allison–she was my roommate in college and is one of my best friends–and she curates an amazing collection of beautiful clothes that my kids and I always love.

When I look back at any pictures of my kids on special occasions, almost every outfit involves at least one or two pieces from Bundle.  And I’m always grateful when we have to dress up unexpectedly for the wide selection of lovely and appropriate clothes from Bundle in my kids’ closets.

Here are some of my favorite options for little girls:

Sparkle Shift Dress; Mayfair Tunic; Ella Dress; Aretha Dress

Honestly, I dare you to find something NOT amazing and adorable for your little girl.

And then there are the boys’ clothes.  Sometimes, I get so sick of shopping for boys…there are so many fewer options, after all.  But when all the options are really well-made and unique and stylish, it makes it a lot more fun.  And I have pants from Bundle that have lasted through all 3 of my boys and are being handed down to my nephews.  If that’s not a testament to durability, I don’t know what is.  The thing I’ve learned about making dressing boys more fun is to LAYER and add accessories–it brings so much more interest to their outfits.  Thankfully my boys are all about it–they love dressing up.

Here are my Bundle faves for boys:

Owl Necktie; Houndstooth Fedora; Grammaire Cardigan; Houndstooth Blazer; Silver X-Jacket

When my kids get a Bundle package, they know there is something cool and special inside.  They know they are going to love it.  And I know I am, too!

This is not a sponsored post.  I really just love Bundle and think Allison does an amazing job selecting clothes that are unique and stylish and really well-made.  When I find something I love, I want to share it here!

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