Halloween Decorations

Halloween Mantle

Although I know not everyone agrees, I think Halloween decorating is so much fun!  I really love going all out–we have pumpkins all over the house, and a huge 8′ tall spider web with giant tarantulas hanging on the front living room wall (I cannot get a good picture of it though, because the web blends in to the wall color behind–boo).  I also really love letting the kids be in charge of some of the decorating, since this is one time of year when they can go all out and make it as crazy and spooky and over-the-top as they want, and I’m not secretly cringing at the tackiness of it all. 

The Trick-or-Treat garland we hung in the living room was basically my only contribution to the decorating here.  Sort of retro looking, the garland is strung on black and orange ribbon, and since it’s so long, it’s a great way to easily dress up the whole mantle.  It’s a Martha Stewart craft item I got a Michaels a few years ago, and it’s one of my favorite Halloween decorations.  (I like to hit Michaels the week AFTER Halloween and grab decorations at 75% off.  I pack them up for the next year and forget about them, then I’m pleasantly surprised when I open the box and have all new decorations to use.)

This is another one of my favorite Halloween decorations–and I’ve had it for years, too.  This Happy Halloween print is by Sarah Jane, one of my favorite sources for child-inspired art.  I’ve been buying prints from her shop for years and love the sweetness of her designs.  This little print sits on the mantle too.  I went for kind of an old-fashioned and sweet Halloween vibe there. 

The kids were in charge of decorating the front hall table, and they really did a great job!  They definitely went for spooky in their decorations.

This spooky table greets you as you walk in the front door.

A cauldron, spooky candelabra with a twisted black candle, bottles of potions, spiders, and a scary skull that glows at night.  They even stretched out cotton balls to make spider webs.  And the best part is they did this entirely by themselves and are very proud of it!

The kids call this guy “Joe Bones”

Potions sit by the cauldron

Every room on the main level has SOME kind of Halloween decoration and I love it!  Halloween is such a fun holiday–it’s a great excuse to channel your inner child and really just go wild. 

More Halloween posts coming this whole week–as it’s the only thing anyone here is talking about!  (Well, that and the Red Sox in the World Series!)

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  1. Maria Baylock

    Looks great! Big thanks to Bridget for working with Anna to get all our Halloween decor up. I’m totally not a decorator, and absolutely love that they did it all for me. 🙂 Can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes on Thursday!


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