Happy Halloween!

Earlier this week on the Bundle Blog, I posted my best Halloween tips for making tonight a success.  In case you didn’t catch it, go on over and check them out! 

I am super excited about tonight–I love Halloween!  And this year, my kids picked awesome costumes so I think it makes it even more fun.

Some years we do themes on Halloween where all the costumes are related, and other years we don’t.

The year O was born, we did a Superhero theme.  B was Wonder Woman, G was Batman, and O was Robin.  It was pretty adorable.

Pint-sized Superheroes!

The year Q was born we did a Classic Halloween theme–B was a witch, G was Dracula, O was Frankenstein, and Q was a little Bat.

Classic Halloween Characters

That year, G actually won a King Size candy bar from one of our neighbors who gives out a “Best Costume Award” every year.  He was so excited he could barely handle it.

He loved the blood dripping down his chin.

Two years ago was my favorite–the kids did a Wizard of Oz theme!  It was my suggestion, but I was so excited when they all loved the idea.  B was Dorothy, of course, and the three boys were the Tin Man (G), the Scarecrow (O), and the Cowardly Lion (Q).  It was so much fun.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

This year, I was trying to get them to do a Star Wars theme.  I thought it would be cool because the boys are way into Star Wars, but B was not interested in being Leia.  So we let it go and I said they could be whatever they wanted, we didn’t need a theme this year.

Then B decided she wanted to be Arwen, the Elf Princess from Lord of the Rings (Liv Tyler in the movies).  When O heard that, he decided he wanted to be Legolas, the elf with the bow and arrow.  Then G said if they were going to match, he wanted to also, and he decided to be Gandalf the wizard.  SO AWESOME.

Then Q said he’d be a lion.

Um….no.  I couldn’t handle three matching and one odd man out.  I tried to make it okay in my head, but I couldn’t.

So we showed him pictures of some of the Lord of the Rings characters and he decided he wanted to be Gimli.  The dwarf.  Because he carries a battle axe, and Q is all about the cool weaponry.

And that is how we ended up with a theme again this year.  I didn’t even come up with it, but I love it!  We made all the costumes out of stuff we already had at the house (thank goodness we have an extensive dress-up bin as well as tons of random fabric from past sewing projects).  All we had to buy was a couple of beards and a blonde wig for the elf.  Less than $30 for all four costumes combined=Good Halloween!

We haven’t had everyone dressed up and made-up at the same time yet, so pictures will be coming tomorrow.  I can’t wait!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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