Yesterday afternoon, Matt and I joined the 21st century.  We got iPhones.

Until yesterday, I purposely had a dumb phone.  When I was working a few years ago, I’d had a Blackberry, and it was great.  But I found myself constantly checking email, Facebook, Twitter, etc, and it was such a distraction I really felt it was making me less present with my kids.  So when we switched phones, I dumbed us down.  It was kind of freeing, not to be constantly plugged in.

That’s not to say we had no technology access at all.  We have 2 laptops and an iPad.  We just didn’t have very portable technology.

But then there were a few times when not having email on the road caused a problem.  And not having maps and navigator made things complicated.  And it was really annoying to try to explain to people why I couldn’t do certain things on my phone.  And my phone really was kind of crappy.

So yesterday, we upgraded. 

But today, I am annoyed.  I can’t figure out about 20 things on the damn phone that I want/need it to do.  I know it’s just a learning curve, but I thought my proficiency on the iPad would translate.  I don’t want to spend the morning fiddling with the phone, I just want it to do what I want it to do.  Like have all my contact phone numbers in it without me having to hand jam them all in there.  Like have all my music from the iPad that I thought was in the cloud.  Like allow me to make Groups in Contacts so I don’t have ten million names in my contact list.  Like, now.

Less than 24-hours in and I am ready to throw my hands up and walk away.  It’s going to take me all weekend to figure out how the damn thing works, and I don’t have time for this right now.

Technology is such a blessing and a curse, but right at this very moment, I’m feeling cursed rather than blessed.

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3 thoughts on “Technology

  1. JessBK

    Hey – fellow Jessica here. I’ve been following for a few weeks though I can’t remember what blog I found yours through. I really loved your post on parenting and your daughter a few days ago and meant to thank you. Then you just seem to be someone I keep agreeing with since I’m feeling some of those same things about replacing items in the house and on technology. My husband and I keep going back and forth about iphones and finally decided to just hold off until our kids are a bit older or the need for them is greater. I agree about technology being a blessing and curse! Good luck and thanks for all your thoughts!

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