Wearing Out

In the past few weeks, I suddenly feel like all our stuff is wearing out.  We need new towels for all the bathrooms.  We need new shower curtains and bath mats, too.  We need new pots and pans.  We need a new couch.  We need new sheets for the master bedroom.  We need new/more dinner plates.  We need a new kettle and probably a new toaster.  We need a new area rug in the living room.  It’s not a good feeling when you look around and everything is kind of cruddy-looking and needs to be replaced.  All at once.

(Also, I realize that NEED is a relative term.  REALLY REALLY WANT might be more accurate.)

It kind of makes sense that it’s all wearing out at once.  We bought most of these things all around the same time when we bought our first condo.  We’ve replaced things piece-meal here and there, of course, especially the smaller items, but I really just want to get rid of ALL the old, worn out stuff and just completely replace a whole bunch of things.  I want that post-wedding shower feeling when you have all new awesome stuff everywhere.

Of course, all new everything is not in the budget, especially with Christmas coming (and it’s coming fast, people!).  And I don’t think it would be quite appropriate to have a 10-year anniversary shower and ask people to buy me all new everything.  No, right? Right?

So I need to prioritize.

New pots and pans take precedence over new couch–both because the couch I want is much more expensive than the pots and pans I want, but because the pots and pans I have make cooking dinner on a daily basis difficult and annoying, and the couch I have would be fine if I just got it steam cleaned and made some pretty new throw pillows (and a new throw blanket–we always need more of those!).

I know we don’t really NEED most of these things.  I just WANT them.  Sometimes it’s hard to separate those two concepts in my mind.  I need to print out the Helen Keller quote above and stick it on my fridge as a reminder.

Then I need to make a list of what needs to be replaced, and make a plan for replacing it all slowly…so it doesn’t all wear out at once again a few years down the road.

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