Decisions and Details

After we got our family photos done a few months ago, I was so in love with all the pictures, I really had trouble deciding which ones to have printed, in what sizes, and where to hang them.  I went back and forth, almost ordered some, then changed my mind, then made a new plan…like 3 or 4 times.

Finally yesterday, I got sick of my own indecisiveness and just printed a few out right on my printer at home.  I framed them in Ikea frames we had sitting in a box in the basement waiting to be re-used.  And I hung them in the family room on what was a blank wall I hadn’t decided what to do with yet (again with the indecisiveness). 

I am not exaggerating when I say the room was transformed.

After we had the house painted in the Spring, I was so happy to have the clean blank walls, I didn’t want to cover them up with too many hanging objects.  But after a few months of that, the house felt a bit unfinished and impersonal.

The family room especially was a bit bare–the color we painted in there is called Parchment Paper by Behr, and it’s lovely, but it’s very pale and very neutral and all the furniture is in shades of khaki and chocolate brown.  The room really needed a pop.  The new pictures in frames make the whole room feel done and the lovely photos bring the right amount of color to the room.

Even Matt said how impressed he was with the difference it made in the room.  I consider that a win. 

I’m so glad I got over my wishy-washy indecision and just hung some of the pictures already!  Such a simple addition, but it makes a major impact in the room.  Proof that little details make a big difference. 

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