Decking the Halls

As I said, I won’t be decorating for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving, but I am looking forward to filling the house with Christmas cheer when the time arrives.  As soon after Thankgiving as possible, honestly, since we only have a space of 3.5 weeks this year!

I gravitate toward more traditional colors when I decorate for Christmas–everything revolves around shades of green, red, silver, gold, and white.  I love natural decor–pinecones and evergreen mixed in with candles and bulb ornaments.  And whereas most of the rest of the year I prefer more open space and less clutter, I love a full room at Christmas.  Finally, I like to change things up from year to year–I don’t have specific decorations that must go specific places.

Here are some of my favorite rooms right now–all inspiration for my decorating next week!

Via Pinterest

Via Flickr

Via My Sweet Savannah

Although we decorate all the rooms on the main level, we’ve never decorated bedrooms before.  I wonder if it would add to the fun, or make things messy and I would end up forgetting about the decorations when the time came to put them away. 🙂  If we did do bedrooms, this is the way I’d like to do them:


Adorable lab puppies are not included in my vision though.  One cat and one dog and four children are enough for me.

What are your favorites for holiday decor?  Do you lean toward more traditional styles like me, or are you one of those brave souls who throws hot pink and teal blue into the mix? 

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2 thoughts on “Decking the Halls

  1. Sandy Bergesen

    I love all of these decorations but have to say my favorite part was the lab puppies! Not that we have the time or space but they are so darn cute!
    I can’t wait to start decorating this weekend! I am sure my house will never come close to these, but love to look and try to copy.

  2. Kirsten Yepez

    I love everything Christmas! Last year we ended up with a white fake Christmas tree (which I’ve only ever had real trees but we were gifted a fake one and to save a couple bucks used it). We decorated the white tree with red bulbs galore and white lights and I LOVED IT! Trying new things is fun!


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