Hiding Gifts

Matt and I did a big Christmas shopping trip a few weekends back while my in-laws were watching the kids.  When we got back from shopping, we hid all our purchases in my in-laws shed since we couldn’t exactly drive home with all the gifts in the car without the kids noticing.  Then this past weekend, my in-laws brought the gifts back to our house and Matt stashed them in the garage while the kids were distracted.

Except he stuck a few of them right in my car, thinking he would get them out when the kids went to bed and hide them in the back room of our basement.  Then he forgot.

When the kids got in the car on Monday morning, there were a few gifts sitting right there in front of them.  These to be exact. 

Luckily, the gifts weren’t obviously something we’d be giving to the kids and I was able to convince them that they were actually for Matt’s Mom and I’d picked them up for her but she forgot to take them home.  At least, I think I convinced them.

We’ve been lucky in the past to have had some good hiding places for gifts we don’t want the kids to see, but this year has been a little harder.  Three of the four kids can read, which means they know what stores shipped the boxes that have arrived on our doorstep periodically and to whom the packages were addressed.   And since we finished the basement and the kids play down there on a daily basis, we don’t have unlimited hiding space, especially for larger items.

And then my wonderful husband who I love dearly just leaves presents sitting in my car in plain view, which, you know, definitely doesn’t help.

We’ve got little stashes of stuff hidden in two different closets as well as the back office in the basement and a stack still in the garage under a tarp.  But that makes me stressed out that with things so spread out, we’ll forget we have something and not actually give all the gifts we bought!

What we really need is to put a more permanent door between the playroom and the basement office so we can put everything in there.  Preferably a door with a lock.  But we won’t be doing that in the next few weeks, obviously.

What do you guys do about hiding surprises?  Any creative ideas for where to store it?  Any funny stories about kids finding hidden stashes that will make me feel better about leaving gifts literally right in plain sight in my car?

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2 thoughts on “Hiding Gifts

  1. Melissa Joyce

    I’ll never forget finding the Easter baskets in Mom’s closet in the 3rd grade. 🙁 I was already a little skeptical about the whole 6 foot tall bunny that delivers eggs, but wasn’t ready to ACTUALLY acknowledge the truth. So I slid the door shut and pretended it didn’t happen! To be honest, your kids are as awesome as we were (and are) about the “spirit” part of the holidays, so even if they start questioning things, they will be just fine! I still believe in Santa, even though I know he isn’t an actual person.


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