Holiday Limbo

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 I am very firmly planted in the No-Christmas-Anything-Until-After-Thanksgiving Camp.  I love Thanksgiving and I totally want to give it it’s due.  I think it’s an incredibly important holiday–an entire day where we practice thanks and gratitude and make a point of talking about it loud and clear.  I want my kids to know that’s important.  (More important than which presents they’re getting under the tree, in fact.)  I do not want to overshadow Thanksgiving and somehow make it seem like it’s a filler holiday to quickly pass over on the way to the REAL holiday.

I love Christmas too, don’t get me wrong.  I just don’t want it to creep into my Thanksgiving time.  It has the whole month of December, and that’s enough. 

We always decorate for Christmas the week after Thanksgiving, and truth be told, by December 27th or so, I am ITCHING to put the Christmas decorations away and have my house be clean and a lot less cluttered.  I usually manage to wait until December 30th, but by New Year’s Eve at the latest,  everything is packed up and put away.  I do not want to start the new year still hanging on to the old one.

But this year, Thanksgiving is SOOOOOO late.  And I’ve gotten so much Christmas shopping done, it’s hard not to focus on that day a month away (From today.  It’s a month from today.).  The fact that there are only 3.5 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year is giving me a bit of a problem.  Because I really do feel ready to get into the Christmas spirit.  But I haven’t eaten my turkey and pumpkin pie yet.  So I can’t switch gears quite yet.  I’m in holiday limbo.

We are actually getting the Christmas decorations out of the attic tonight and putting them in the garage so they’re on hand and ready to go as soon as we’re done celebrating Thanksgiving.  With such a short time in between the two holidays, maybe this will be the year I won’t be TOTALLY OVER Christmas decorations the day after Christmas. 

How do you feel about Christmas creep?  Does it seem like it starts earlier every year?

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3 thoughts on “Holiday Limbo

  1. Melissa Joyce

    I’m not going to lie… I have been listening to Christmas music for two weeks already! It puts me in a good mood and the kids love it! We are putting the emphasis on the whole holiday season at our house.

  2. Jessica @ Little Nesting Doll

    Ha, I heard some Christmas music on the radio in the car the other day and flipped past it quickly before the kids could realize what it was. I’m not ready yet. But come Friday I will be singing White Christmas at the top of my lungs. šŸ™‚


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