My Yard Work Helpers

Today it was supposed to rain and possibly even snow here, so I spent the afternoon yesterday cleaning up the yard a bit so we didn’t end up with tons of fallen leaves buried under snow and making a mess of the grass.  I had a good crew helping me.

Raking leaves is one of those chores I actually really love.  On a sunny Fall day, with helpers and people to chat with, and a good attitude, I just feel happy.  Fall is totally my time of year.

We don’t have a ton of trees in our yard, but we certainly have a lot of leaves.  We only got about half the yard done, but it was a really good start and it actually didn’t even end up snowing today, so we’ll just go out and finish later this week.

B managed to color-coordinate her outfit to the task at hand.

 We probably would have gotten more done, but raking leaves also requires JUMPING in leaf piles.  And really, I cannot argue with the logic there–I’ve jumped in my fair share of leaf piles, and I would not recommend raking the yard without a few jumps.

O in mid-jump.


Q resting in his leaf pile.

In the end, the kids were a huge help–raking, bagging leaves, and toting the full bags to the curb for the lawn trash pick-up this week.  And we had fun chatting and playing, too.  I’m actually kind of glad we only got half the yard done, because I’m looking forward to going out and finishing it up with them all this weekend. 

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