The Beauty Around Us

Bright red leaves on the Japanese Maple in our yard.

This Fall has been one of the prettiest and most vibrant I can remember.  Everywhere we look, the trees are blazing and the colors are so bright and vivid.  I assume it must have been the perfect weather conditions this summer and fall to create such amazing colors, but whatever the reason, I’ll take it.  Even the sunsets and sunrises have been spectacular lately.  Almost every night we all end up out on the patio looking at the sky and exclaiming over the colors.

Now that Fall sports are finally over, I told Matt I wanted to take a drive west one weekend afternoon with the kids to see the gorgeous views out in the mountains.  We knew it would have to be soon, though, because the leaves won’t hang on forever.  When we looked at the calendar, we realized we might not have a good day to do it, and I was sort of crushed.

Then I walked to school to drop the kids off the other morning and I realized we don’t have to go for an hours-long drive to see beauty.  Our neighborhood is on fire with gorgeous trees and amazing foliage.  I bet a walk in the park near our house will be even prettier, and we can do that before dinner one night. 

Sometimes I get caught up in making these perfect scenarios in my mind–how best to view the Fall foliage, the ideal way to decorate for the holidays, the perfect meal plan that will make everyone happy and be nutritious too…and then when I can’t make the perfect scenario come true, I feel let down.  I want to show the kids how perfect things can be!

But what a silly notion.  Life isn’t perfect. 

Teaching my kids to appreciate the beauty of the sunset on our back patio or the bright red maple tree in the back yard or the clear blue sky over school at dismissal time–that’s a lesson they can hold on to. 

Don’t overlook your everyday surroundings.  Find the beauty around you.  Appreciate where you are.

If I can instill those lessons in my children, I guess I’ll have found a perfect scenario after all. 

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4 thoughts on “The Beauty Around Us

  1. Amy Killelea

    Everytime I walk the neighborhood with K she shows me something I didn’t see before. The little ones have amazing little eyes and a gift for finding unique and interesting things. Been a great season in our little corner of the world. Always good advice to sort of stop and watch the sunset.


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