The Best Winter Boots Ever

The most difficult purchase I remember making in a loooong time.

I am 34 years old and I lived most of my life in New England, which is pretty well known for it’s harsh, snowy winters.  My feet have been the same size since I was in 5th grade, which was 24 years ago (ugh, I just threw up in my mouth saying that).  And yet, I did not have  cold-weather winter boots for at least the last 15 years. 

Until now.

(As a side note, I must have looked like I was wearing flippers in 5th grade because I wasn’t even 5′ tall and my feet were already a size 8 1/2.)

Every year for the past few years I’ve said I neeeeeeded winter boots.  Matt agreed.  And yet I never bought any–I was always looking for the perfect pair at the perfect price and they never magically appeared. 

A few weeks ago though, I was in Nordstrom Rack looking for winter boots for my children.  And I just happened to stroll through the women’s shoes as well, and lo and behold…I found winter boots I LOOOOOOVED.

Two different pair actually. 

And they were both a really good price.

So I bought a pair–really cute, black and grey plaid, sheepskin lining low-top Sorel Tivoli winter boots.

Then on the ride home I decided I liked the other pair better.  The low top might not be as functional if we got more than 5″ of snow.  So I returned the first pair the next day and bought the other pair.  These were the real deal–super heavy duty, soft suede with a rubber duck boot and a serious fur cuff and a cold weather rating of up to -25 degrees.  Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots.  I loooooved them.

While I was there, I found a third pair.  But since they were $10 more, I just bought the pair I had gone for in the first place.

Then on the ride home I decided I liked the other pair better.  And really, if it’s -25 degrees in the D.C. area this winter, it will mean that hell has frozen over and we have issues to deal with besides the cold.  For Boston weather, these were fine, but for D.C. winters these boots were a bit of overkill.

So I returned the second pair the next day and bought the third pair.  Really cute quilted khaki with reddish-orange rubber duck boots and a smallish fur trim–Sorel Tofino boots.  Much more streamlined and lighter than the other pair.  I’ve already worn them a bunch and I love them.  In fact, I wore them on the Jamestown field trip and they were super comfy to walk around in all day.

Hopefully we get a ton of snow this winter in D.C. and I can really put them to good use, but even if we don’t get a flake, I know I’ll wear these all winter when it’s cold out.  I already can’t imagine how I didn’t have winter boots for the last 10+ years. 

Just hanging out in my new boots.

After three trips to the store, and Matt teasing me for several days about my indecisiveness, I don’t want to go boot shopping again any time soon. (That’s a lie, actually, I would go again today. I just said that to make Matt feel better.)  Fortunately, these are the best winter boots ever, so I won’t have to get another pair for a long time.

What are your favorite winter boots?  And am I the only one who buys and returns things several times over before coming to a final decision?

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9 thoughts on “The Best Winter Boots Ever

  1. AmyP

    I have to admit that I was jealous of the sisters matching boot action at the Ronan Bowl. Very very cute, and looked very warm…


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