The excitement is palpable here.  My boys are finding it difficult to walk, and have instead started dancing and leaping as their primary modes of movement.  We’ve spent almost every minute of every day this week baking, cooking, wrapping, sewing, crafting, gluing, planning.  And people, there are still 5 days left.  I am not sure we can take a higher level of excitement and anticipation than we already have going on, but it’s coming anyway.

They danced into the kitchen holding hands and singing this morning.  See how they’re sort of blurry?  That’s basically how they look in real life too–they never stop moving right now.

 I love it.  I love the craziness.  I love the half-anxious, half-anticipated feeling of wondering if I can get it all done (I can.  I will.). 

I love the half-sung, half-shouted Christmas carols that burst out of children at random times.  And adults, too, actually.  Ahem.

I love the way the kids whisper to each other about what they got Daddy and how to wrap it. 

I love the morning ritual of adding another ornament to our Christmas countdown tree.

I love building gingerbread houses at the preschool party while Q tries to eat the candy instead of putting it on his house.

Q’s gingerbread creation at preschool.  There is ALMOST as much candy on the house as there was in his belly.

I love every. stinking. minute. of it.

There are so few occasions in our lives that we just give ourselves over to wonder and magic and secrets and surprises and songs and gifts and too much sugar.  Not enough times where we completely embrace TOO MUCH OF EVERYTHING.  It’s a lifted weight not to say NO as much.  Not to another Christmas movie, another gift idea to make and add to the growing pile, another Christmas carol belted out while setting the table for dinner.

We indulge this month, but we’ll scale back soon (that’s what January is for).  December is designed for too much

So today, I will let the kids have cookies as their afternoon snack and I will turn the music up loud and sing along with them to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer while we make dinner and get the house ready for a Christmas party tomorrow.  I will snuggle them on the couch tonight and watch White Christmas and when they go to bed I will work on finishing up the last of their gifts and get started on wrapping.  I will stay up too late and drink coffee all day tomorrow.  I will not yell at the kids to calm down and walk when they literally leap through the house and bounce off walls.  And I will be grateful for every minute of this insane week. 

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