Gift Rules

Christmas Eve 2012–right before we exchanged Sibling Gifts

With four kids and many people buying gifts for them, the amount of stuff our kids receive at Christmas can quickly become overwhelming (to me, not them!).

In order to try and make sure things don’t get out of hand, Matt and I follow a few rules when getting gifts for the kids. 

At our house, Santa brings each child ONE gift.  It’s usually their biggest, most-hoped-for item, but it is ONE gift.  Sometimes he also brings a family gift or two as well.  

Then from Matt and I, each child receives:

Something they want, Something they need, Something to wear, Something to read.

I forget where I heard this, but it definitely helped us keep things simple and under control.  Plus it allows for plenty of flexibility while still giving us some good guidelines when we’re thinking of gift ideas.

And finally, each of my kids MAKES gifts for each sibling–I fully and totally stole this idea from Design Mom years ago and I love it. 

The kids give each other the gifts they made on Christmas Eve–I want to make sure those handmade, homemade gifts are given plenty of attention, and making them the only gifts exchanged on Christmas Eve definitely does the trick.  (I’ll be posting about some of our sibling gift projects over the next few weeks if anyone is looking for ideas.)

Even with these little guidelines, the number of gifts exchanged here is still crazy!  I love our little traditions though, and I think they help me stress less about what to buy and concentrate more on the fun of GIVING.

Does your family have any gift-giving guidelines or traditions you really love!  Please, share!

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