Holiday Decorating With Kids

Charlie Brown Christmas tree

When I imagine my house fully decorated for the holidays, it’s straight out of a magazine.  Like the inspiration photos I posted last week, there are pine cones and natural greens made into wreaths and plaid throw blankets on every surface to feed my addiction.  There are many, many breakable items that I find beautiful.  Some of them are even within 4′ of the floor.

However, my reality includes four young children who are less impressed with the perfect evergreen swag topped with a sparkly gold ribbon and white candles in hurricane vases.  They are more into snowmen, sparkly lights on every possible surface, and a healthy dose of Santa thrown in for good measure.

They do not care about whether the ornaments on my tree are color coordinated.  They do not care at all.  They also do not care if all the ornaments are hung on the left side of the tree all within a 9″ area.  In fact, some years, it has seemed that they prefer that look.  Who needs ornaments all the way at the top of the tree???  You can barely even see up there when you’re 5 years old.

It has been a learning curve for me, trying to decorate in a way that appeals to both myself and my children.  It’s something that will probably always be in flux, actually, as they get older and their own tastes come out.  But I think we do a pretty good job of decorating in a way we all appreciate.

We decorate together.  We don’t put glass ornaments on the tree anymore–those go in clear vases on high shelves and it still looks pretty.  There are more snowmen and Santa figures scattered in random places than I might choose on my own, but they’re mostly pretty.  There are no candles in hurricane glass, but there are lots of white lights that cast a pretty glow.  There are many, many decorations made by little hands.  They are beautiful, no matter what they look like.

Christmas is about giving and I give my kids the opportunity to make the house beautiful in their eyes, not just in mine.  And when they look at the finished product with shining eyes and joyful faces, the glittery snowman figurine that I hate looks beautiful to me too.

We just got home last night from a long Thanksgiving trip to Boston, and Matt will be getting the Christmas decorations out of the attic this evening.  We will deck the halls and trim the tree and listen to Christmas carols and my children will be angelic and will not fight with each other at all and it will be picture-perfect out of a Norman Rockwell painting.  (Fine, it won’t be like that.  But it will be fun anyway.)

One of my best tricks for making tree-decorating with kids is posted over on the Bundle blog today!  Head over there and check out my #1 tip for decorating with little children.

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  1. Anonymous

    Interesting “Autumn” post…I was just trying to describe the position of the sun relative to the earth to my kids at dinner last night. I don’t think they got it! Love your blog…you should write a book too. I’d love to see some of your more creative writing!


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