Morning Routines

I am not a morning person.  Like, at all.  The only way I’ve ever successfully navigated early mornings was when there was a Drill Sergeant yelling at me…and even then I did it reluctantly and with great anger.  But because Karma has a sense of humor for sure, my kids are all early risers, and so 8AM qualifies as sleeping in now.  How my life has changed.

I will admit that I like how I am able to get so much more accomplished in my days when I am up and hit the ground running at 7AM.  And on school days, we have no choice, we’ve gotta get up and get going.  The only thing that makes mornings worse than they already are is when they’re harried and stressful and full of shouting and/or tears, so I’ve figured out a pretty good system for getting the kids ready for school with minimum fuss and stress. 

Hanging in the hall outside the kids’ bedrooms is our “Morning List”.  It is bright and colorful.  It is hung in a frame on the wall, proving it is IMPORTANT.  It has words AND pictures, so my non-reader can remember what to do without assistance.  It is simple and straightforward, and since my kids get up at 6:45AM and don’t have to leave for school until 8:15AM, they have PLENTY of time to do everything on the list.

I cannot even begin to describe how much easier our mornings are because of this list.  Now all I have to say to anyone is “Did you finish your morning list?” and they know what they have to do.  Some mornings are still better than others, of course, but this has made a HUGE difference in my day.  This may be my #1 favorite parenting tip/trick I’ve ever come up with.

What tricks do you use to make mornings easier?

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One thought on “Morning Routines

  1. hamburke

    love it! Even though I’m a morning person, I’ve been doing the same thing since my now 4th grader was born (for the older child, of course). I love how easy mornings are! I am not, however, an evening person so I did the same for after school. Before they can go outside to play: put away shoes, jackets and bags; HEALTHY snack (you have 15 minutes from when you walk in the door, so don’t mess around – there’s nothing else until dinner); homework.


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