So I TOTALLY thought, way back in October and November when I started getting all my Christmas ducks in a row, that I was WAY ahead of the game this year.

And even though I did a ton of stuff back then and was almost entirely ready over a month ago, my list changed somehow this week and now I have quite a bit more shopping to do.  Some last minute additions and a few realizations (teacher gifts won’t buy themselves!), and my relaxed week has turned into a list-making, online shopping, hitting-the-stores-during-work-hours-so-they-are-slightly- less-crowded frenzy.

So I am thankful for Amazon Prime this week.  And J. Crew Factory 50% off sales.  And no snow days so my kids are in school and I can actually shop.

While I blaze an online shopping trail and plan which stores I still have to hit tomorrow, I thought I’d throw a few of my favorite finds out there in case anyone else is in my boat!

Crystal Dot Necklace from J. Crew

Girls’ Pearl Ribbon necklace from J.Crew

Adorbs Two Tone Tote Bag

So my favorite finds list is also a wish list, but I love all these items and would totally be thrilled to find any of them under the tree.  If only it were so easy for me to find gifts for the rest of the people I’m shopping for…

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