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A few years ago, we started one of my very favorite Christmas traditions–Homemade Sibling Gifts.   I stole the idea completely and totally from Design Mom, and have even used a few of her gift projects as well.

In a nutshell, each kid makes a Christmas gift for each other kid.  Usually we find a single gift idea that can be slightly altered for each sibling so each child is making one project three times, not three different things.  I help come up with the projects since I have to have some oversight–I am still helping out by buying the supplies they need and overseeing the actual making of each craft. 

Then, on the night of Christmas Eve, the kids exchange their sibling gifts with each other.  This is my favorite part–they are so excited about GIVING the gifts they made for their brothers and sister.  And since that’s the only gift they get on Christmas Eve, it really puts the spotlight on the part of Christmas I want them most excited about–giving a gift that you put thought and love and some hard work into!

This past weekend we set up little craft areas in different rooms of the house and each of the kids worked on their sibling gifts.  There was a lot of “Keep Out” shouted across the house, but in a funny and excited kind of way.

O is making each sibling a bulletin board with their name on it to hang over their coat hooks.

G is making each sibling a Sharpie tie-dye t-shirt (via Design Mom)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find everything B needed for her brother project at the store last week, so she isn’t done with their gifts yet–but fortunately, her project is pretty simple (once I have all the materials) and she can almost do the whole thing on her own.  And we have several days off school before Christmas, so we’ll be okay.  She spent this weekend working on a few gifts for her best friends.

Since Q is still too young to really MAKE anything for his siblings, he picked up a few gifts from the dollar bins at Target.  We found some really cool notebooks and mechanical pencils and he picked one for each sibling–so the grand total for his gifts to his siblings came to $6.  And he cannot wait to give them out–in fact, I’ve had to stop him several times from telling the other kids what he got them (I think he’s actually already told B, but she is keeping the secret for him).

This has turned into one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season, and as the kids get older and the projects can get more sophisticated, I know it will be more and more fun!  

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4 thoughts on “Sibling Gifts

  1. janr

    Such a great tradition for the kids. I can’t wait to do this with mine, as although I am not crafty and creative like you!

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