The Best Laid Plans…and Happy New Year

We got hit with a flu on Christmas Day that is nowhere near over.  Five out of the six of us have been really, really sick this whole week and none of us is in the clear yet (only G has managed to remain healthy, knock on wood for that lucky boy).

My big plans for this break went right out the window.  My parents spent three days with us, mostly helping nurse sick kids and playing with the one healthy child.  Not the vacation they imagined, I’m sure.  We were supposed to have a little NYE party tonight, but that had to be canceled.  This week has just sucked and I still feel tired and achy and not back to 100%.
So while I had grand intentions, the universe did too, and now I will spend this next week doing all the things I would have done last week, plus digging out from under sickness.  Meh, you win some, you lose some.
Nevertheless, tonight is one of my favorite holidays, and I am looking back fondly on a year full of ups and downs and looking ahead to another one.  I do have some plans for the new year, but I don’t have the energy or brain power to describe them, so that will have to wait for another day.
I hope your holidays have been merry and bright, that you got all you wanted out of 2013, and that your 2014 brings you happiness and joy!
And thank you for joining me here at Little Nesting Doll, reading my words, and making this fun.  
Happy New Year!
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