Food as Medicine

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Since Thanksgiving, we’ve had round after round of sickness go through our house.  It’s been exhausting and not fun at all, for any of us.  We’ve got a stomach bug going again now, and I need to really deep clean the whole house and make a whole bunch of super-healthy, nutrient-dense food to get us all back to wellness.

One of the things I’ve really wanted to try and just never seem to get around to is adding bone broth to our daily diet.  Bone broth is exactly what it sounds like–broth made from bones (along with some veggies and spices)–and it’s incredibly good for you.  According to many sources, bone broth improves the condition of your joints, makes your hair, skin & nails healthier and stronger, increases red blood cell counts, and heals your gut. 

It’s also not hard to make, so I’m told.  And I have a freezer full of bones and organ meat from the farm where we buy all our meats from anyway, and the bags have just been sitting there while I make excuses why I don’t have time to make the broth.  Lazy.

I’ve found a few tutorials online with instructions for how to make bone broth.  I’ve also talked to a few family members who already make their own.  I’m armed and ready to go.

Today, while my G lays on the couch and recovers after this latest stomach bug, I’ll be in the kitchen making broth.  My plan is to get each person in the family into a routine of having a serving every day (added to meals sometimes, on it’s own other times).  I’m really curious as to whether we’ll see noticeable results.  I’m hopeful this is a step that will help us fight off the germs that have plagued us all winter.

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2 thoughts on “Food as Medicine

  1. D Whiting

    This is a tough one — you guys are in a tough age kid-wise for germs. I can only assume that your kids are more civilized than my own savage barbarians, but I don’t know any kids at this age who excel at washing their hands. So you’re just plain going to be exposed to germs.

    That said, I don’t know that bone broth or any animal product is the answer. From what I can see, there’s no one specific micronutrient that is the magic answer for improved immunity. Rather, it’s an all hands on deck approach, and in my opinion (for whatever that’s worth), the best way to achieve superior micronutrient intake is a plant-based diet. Fruits, veg and whole grains. Check out Harvard’s position on this:

    On the other hand (am I on hand #3 yet?), getting kids to eat this way is challenging, so you can only do what you can do.

    I hope you guys feel better soon.

  2. Jessica @ Little Nesting Doll

    Dave, we actually do already eat a whole-foods diet with many, many veggies and fruits, organic and grass-fed meats, and whole grains. No processed food or artificial anything. So I’m hoping the boost of bone broth and upping the fruit and veggie intake might help us get through this season of germs. And my children are definitely barbarians, so we harp on the hand washing here non-stop, too. 🙂


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