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This past week has been so weird–my kids had no school because of MLK Day, followed by a snow storm and cold weather, so it was basically another winter break only a week or so after the first one ended.  While I love time with my babies, honestly we just really need to get back in to our normal routine and they need to get to school.  Like, for real.  Even they are saying they want to go back, which you know means they’ve had enough time at home!

While we spend this weekend snuggling by the fire and hoping for school on Monday, here are some links to enjoy!

My boys would love one of these little wallets–just like Dad’s!

I love, love, love this purse made from an old sweater.  This is going on my project list.

Whipped coconut cream–paleo-friendly, gluten- and dairy-free yumminess!  I made this to put over sliced berries last week and It. Was. Divine.

Why NO ONE should ever use artificial sweeteners.  Ever. If you have them, throw them away.

This gorgeous little writing corner sits, perhaps not surprisingly, in an apartment in Paris.  I feel like it would not be hard to find inspiration here.

I am very, VERY intrigued by this reclaimed peel-n-stick wood.  So many possibilities!

Since our garden (and most of the East Coast) is covered in snow…here are a few outdoor winter play activities to keep the kids busy once they’re done shoveling the driveway!

In Sweden, kids spend hours playing outside every day, regardless of the weather.  I think we have a few things to learn from them in this country!

Did you know that the Smithsonian runs a website for kids?  After our visit to the Natural History museum this week, I am a little obsessed with all things Smithsonian…

Best. Idea. Ever:  A website that makes it easy for traveling families to find child-friendly accommodations! 

I just bought my kids new winter coats–for next year–at the Lands End outerwear sale.  YAY for 65% off!

Maybe this post on how to style printed pants can help me overcome my fear!

Have a great weekend!

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