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These Little Nesting Doll measuring spoons were a Christmas gift from Matt’s cousin’s wife!  I love them so much–they make me smile every time I use them!

So I thought that in this New Year, I’d start a new Friday tradition.  The concept behind Little Nesting Doll is that there is more to motherhood than just parenting–that even though I am a mother, I am more than that, too.  I am layered, like a Little Nesting Doll (or, as Shrek says, an onion…but that wasn’t the symbol I was really going for…).

At the end of each week, I’ll be posting links I’ve found interesting that fall into my five layered categories–Craft, Food, Home & Garden, Family, and Fashion.  Hopefully the links will be useful and interesting to you as well, and will give you some stuff to check out over the course of the weekend!

And here it is–my first LND Link list:


Pretty Ikea Hacks:: is there nothing that can’t be fixed with spray paint?  The gold stools are my fave!

Sharpie Tie-Dye:: this was G’s sibling gift at Christmas this year and it was a huge success!

My Go-To Tutorial for Adorbs Zipper Pouches:: make any size you want, fill it with something cute, and you have the perfect gift for almost anyone!


Spices as Natural Medicines:: I’m definitely interested in researching this more!

Homemade English Muffins:: my Mom and sister made a double batch of these when we were up visiting and they were gone in one breakfast.

French Kids Eat Everything:: one of my favorite books to shake up your concept of what kids can, and WILL, eat.


I want to redo our master bathroom…if only we could do something like THIS!

One of my favorite home design blogs ever, plus since it’s in New England, it reminds me of home!

Lockers!  I really want Matt to build some in our family room.


The Part of Parenting We’re Too Scared to Talk About:: via the Huffington Post

The Best of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon::  Matt and I watched this the other night and I think Matt may have pulled a muscle he laughed so hard.  A must-see.

The Strega Nona series:: one of our family favorites, we just added to the collection again this Christmas.


The Best of ELF:: I love inexpensive make-up–I don’t feel guilty about trying new colors and products when there’s not much of an investment!  I like ELF eyeliners and lip gloss, so I may have to try some of these products out.

Is it too early to be sandal shopping?  I totally want these!

Nisolo Shoes:: I love a company with good intentions and a great story–and the beautiful products are a major bonus.  Adding several of these shoes to the “Want It” file.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you back here on Monday!

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One thought on “LND Links

  1. Jane

    I LOVE the lockers; great idea, especially with 4 kids! And I need to just send H to live with you for a week so that he will eat new (not only white carb) foods


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