Love Letters

Lately, I’ve been getting lots of little love notes and cards from my O, who is 5 years old (actually, he is 5 1/2 today, which he is very excited about!).  He is so proud of himself and works really hard on each one of the cards he makes.

And the past few weeks, he’s made A LOT of cards.

These little notes melt my heart (even though I get one almost every day), because I love knowing he was thinking of me even when he was in school.  It’s so sweet and so reassuring to me to know that when he had a few minutes of “choice time” in class, he chose to make a little card telling me how much he loves me.  Heart-swelling, tear-inducing sweetness, every time.

This is me walking the puppy.  The back of the card says “I miss you Mom?  Love, O”.

He makes them for Matt too.  We hang them on our art wall or on the fridge.  I date the back and they will eventually go in my treasure box where I keep all my favorite kid-creations.

(Although the truth is that we get so many right now, they can’t all be saved.  We could wallpaper a small room with them all!)

Today I wrote him a little note and hung it on his message board in his bedroom for him to find when he gets home.  I would love it if we could all make a habit and a point of writing each other little notes and sending cards to one another–it’s just an easy and sweet way to spread a little love.

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