Tech Detox

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Since we spent so much time sick over the winter break, the television was on A LOT.  There weren’t really too many other options for any of us–with sinus infections and major headaches and nasty coughs, lying on the couch was pretty much all anyone had the energy to do. 

Normally I don’t have the television on very much when the kids are awake.  They MIGHT watch one or two cartoons in a day.  We occasionally do a movie on Thursday afternoons because it seems like that is the day when my kids are most tired after school and most need to just lay down and chill out.  But that’s pretty much it during the school week. 

Over break though, the TV was on all day.  Like, every day.

After two weeks of hours and hours of TV and movies on a daily basis, my kids are in desperate need of a break from technology, so I declared this week a screen time detox.  I figured it wouldn’t actually be that big a deal since they would be in school anyway.  Then we had one half day of school yesterday (all Mondays are early release for elementary schools here), and today school was CANCELED because it is so cold out (which is another topic entirely and will definitely get me ranting).  So today we are home all day together again and back off the routine.

I’ve already said no to television and playing on the iPad a dozen times this morning.  It’s hard–they really are in withdrawal a bit and Q especially is very cranky when he asks me to watch a show and I say no.  But I know a week of no screen time will help reset them and then we can return to a more relaxed stance on TV time.

In the meantime, I am reading lots of books to Q and encouraging the others to read some of the new books they got for Christmas.  We are playing many, many games of Sorry and Quirkle.  The rainbow looms are getting a major workout.  The lego table is getting great use.  And I’m reminding my children what the word NO sounds like.

How do you deal with TV and technology time?  Do you find your kids are more antsy and irritable after too much screen time, or do they seem to transition better than mine? 

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