The Perfect Pants

You know when you try on a pair of pants and they just fit like they were made for you?  It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s nothing short of miraculous.

I found a pair of those pants last week.  They are totally my new faves.

These are the pants:  Gap Ultra Skinny.

Dear GAP, Please, please, please never stop making these pants.  Thanks!

The color is called Baby Tweed, which kind of sounds like it should be a print, but it’s really a solid olive drab color.  They’re great, heavy and soft cotton twill material.  The waist is perfect, no gapping at all even when I bend.  They’re a perfect length for me–they hit just below the ankle (I think they’re supposed to be a bit shorter, but on my short frame they’re obviously not).  They go with everything.  AND, they even come in Petite and Tall sizes, so basically they are perfect for anyone and everyone. 

Once I got the first pair and wore them and realized that they are the Perfect Pant, I obviously went online and bought them in another color.  This time I got the black, and they are EVEN BETTER.  The material is stretchier, so they feel like leggings, although the material is actually much heavier than a legging.  They are the comfiest pants I own, hands down, and even though I feel like I’m in yoga pants, I look dressed up.  Win!

The problem I have now is that I am suddenly afraid the Gap will stop making them.  I told Matt I kind of want to buy 10 pairs so I can have these pants forever and ever.  He does not understand the dilemma and therefore thinks I’m crazy.  I’m still debating buying a few extra black pair, though, just in case.

I see today they have a new color that I hadn’t seen before (navy, only my favorite color in the world).  There is also a bright red which I think I might love (and it’s on sale!), but I’m kind of afraid of how to wear/style bright red pants.  (Someone give me some outfit ideas and convince me to get the red before they’re gone and I regret it.) 

And they come in prints, but I also haven’t completely jumped on the printed pants trend–I’m warming up to it though. 

Do you have a favorite pair of pants?  Do you think I’m crazy for wanting multiple pairs in every color?  And what would I wear with the red ones???

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