Wrinkles in Time (And in Skin)

Although there are days where I feel like I am about 100, I am actually not THAT old.  I’ll turn 35 this coming May (ack!), and while I contend that having 4 kids automatically ages you a bit more, I also know that 35 isn’t very old.

But lately I feel like my skin is looking quite a bit older than my 34-almost-35 years.

Particularly the skin on my forehead, where I have deep, permanent lines from a lifetime of expressing my emotions with my eyebrow movements.  They’re not even wrinkles.  They’re grooves.

I’m going to say right now that I can’t really ever imagine getting Botox.  While I’d love a smooth forehead, I hate the thought of not being able to move my eyebrows.  Because I’m not kidding when I say my emotions are directly related to their movements.  I am also going to say I’m not sticking to that declaration and I reserve the right to change my mind later if these grooves become gulleys.

I’m going to try addressing the wrinkle issue holistically and topically first…meaning I’m going to eat foods that are supposed to help my skin and NOT eat foods that are NOT supposed to help my skin (i.e. processed junk).  I’m going to start taking a supplement that is good for skin/hair/nails.  And I’m going to switch back to a face wash that I used to use that I really, really felt helped my skin look better all around (I’m not sure why I stopped using it…I probably ran out once and just never remembered to re-purchase it and started using the kids’ face wash cause it was there).

If I’m being realistic, though, I know there is NOTHING I can do to make the existing wrinkles on my forehead go away completely.  There’s no magic that can erase a lifetime of raised eyebrows.  So I’m also considering cutting bangs.  If I can’t erase the wrinkles, at least I can hide them.

I’ve had bangs and not had bangs a million times over in my life.  In fact, I’ve had bangs and not had bangs in the past year.  Which is a better look?

Or do I first address the wrinkles with my diet and skin care routine, and then if all my potential solutions don’t result in any noticeable change, THEN I go for the hair cutting scissors?

Bangs or no bangs, people?   Or does someone out there actually have the magic solution to make my skin look younger all around and specifically to erase the grooves cut into my forehead?

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