Snow Much Fun

Somehow two weeks have passed since I last posted here.  Whoops!

We’ve had a lot going on, and we finally got a winter storm worth talking about that dumped almost 14″ of snow in my yard.  We took full advantage of it!  We spent HOURS and HOURS out in the snow for days on end–sledding, shoveling, snowball-fighting, and even skiing and snowboarding.

Matt and I shoveled all the snow off the driveway into a hill in our front yard and Matt used some PVC piping we had in the garage to create a “starting gate” for the kids.  We had our own little Winter Olympics in the front yard.

This “hill” got so much use and was a ton of fun, but our yard is just too small and flat for any serious sledding.  So we took the kids to a park up the road to really sled the day after our big storm.

Looking up the sledding hill–THIS is more like it!
G is ready to hit the hill.

Although we started out bundled up, it was in the 50s that day, so even though there was over a foot of snow on the ground, we all ended up in t-shirts!  That’s the best kind of day for winter sports.

Later in the week, we rented skis and snowboards for the kids from a ski place near us and took them to the hill behind Matt’s parents’ house.  It was SO. MUCH. FUN.  I’m really excited to start taking the kids skiing and snowboarding next winter–we are all ready!  I haven’t been skiing in 15 years, and neither has Matt, but hopefully it’s like riding a bike and it comes right back to us. The kids were all awesome and I know they’ll get it right away after an hour or two of lessons.

With a REAL snowboard

I love playing in the snow and I’m so glad we got a good storm here in DC so we could all get outside and actually enjoy the winter a bit!

But with that said, now that we’ve had our snow fun, I’m totally ready for Spring to arrive now.  

Some of the images here are mine, but the ones from the big sledding hill were taken by my talented neighbor and friend–she did an amazing job capturing the fun of the day.  I love having talented friends who share their skills with you! 

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