Drama Girl

This girl of mine, she is all drama.  She doesn’t dislike certain things…she hates them with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.  She isn’t happy about things…she is ecstatic and joyful and bouncing with glee.  She isn’t disappointed…she is crushed to depths of her very soul.  She doesn’t love things…she passionately adores and obsesses over them.  She is never just angry…she is irate and livid and spewing malice. 


Side note: I know where she got this.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, is all I’m saying.

She has declared, for several years now, that when she grows up she wants to be an actress and a writer and a director.  She means it. 

Last summer she did a week-long actors’ workshop at a local high school.  On the first day she came out declaring it was the most fun thing she’d ever done and she wanted to do it every day.  Forever.

Alrighty, then.

She loved the performance at the end of the week–she was completely in her element, which is a nice place to watch your child be.  It’s so amazing to see her so fully happy.  She was a cheetah.  Watching her, you knew she believed she WAS the cheetah.  She was into it.

My little cheetah girl

So we started looking for other theater and drama classes nearby.  I wasn’t able to find much within a reasonable distance for a reasonable price.  Then a friend mentioned a class right near B’s school run by a theater professor from a local university.  B started yesterday, and again, as soon as she came out, she had that light in her eyes.  She loved it.

She’s already started talking about college (she’s in 4th grade…time is going too fast), so I showed her this article about the best acting colleges.  I was possibly trying to sway her to go to my alma mater, Boston University, happily listed in the top 5 acting schools.  She’s considering it, along with NYU.  I’m fine with either–at least she’d be on the east coast and close to family and friends.

It makes me happy to see her find something she loves so much and without reservation.  And it makes me smile to see her planning her whole future based around this one current interest.  But who knows, maybe in 20 years, I’ll be watching her accept an Oscar.  (If so, I better not be watching from my couch.)

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