In The Garden

My back yard last year, the first week of May.

It’s a kind of grey and dreary day here, and although it’s going to be in the 60s this weekend, the forecast for next week includes snow on Tuesday.  I love snow.  But not in March in D.C.–we’re supposed to be in full-Spring-mode here by now!

The picture above is my back yard in May last year–about six weeks from this time, in fact.  Looking at the messy swampland that is my current back yard, I’m having trouble imagining we’ll get to this point by May. 

Last year at this point, I was already getting mulch and had started raking out the garden. 

Last year at this point, I was thinking about what new flowers to plant and deciding on veggies for our little raised bed.

Last year at this point, it didn’t still feel like winter.

To combat the winter blues going on in my yard today, I’m ignoring the forecast for snow and thinking about Spring instead.  I have big plans for the yard this year. 

I always have big plans for the yard in March and April…then in May and June I love my yard and it looks like all my hard work will pay off…then in July and August it’s too damn hot to go outside and everything in the yard just fries under the relentless sun and lack of rain.  But every March and April I dream big anyway.

What does your dream yard look like?  Mine has mature trees and lovely shade, but sunny patches for playing too. 

It has pretty gardens full of flowers and great swaths of thick grass perfect for the kids to run and play.

It has interesting corners with benches or seats for reading.  

It has a fire pit and a picnic table and pretty lights hanging in trees. 

It has a little veggie garden too, full of yummy food and herbs.

Every year we work on getting the yard a little closer to the dream yard, and this year will be no different.  What’s in your dream yard?

All images via my Outdoor board on Pinterest.

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