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Friday at last!  And today is my Mom’s birthday, so it’s an extra special Friday.  Happy Birthday Mom!

This weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny and I’m hoping the rest of the snow in the yard will melt and we can just get started on Spring already.

In the meantime, enjoy some birthday-themed links in honor of my Mom!

These birthday crowns from SouleMama are such a great idea to make a birthday extra special–and not just for kids!  I would certainly wear a crown all day on my birthday. 🙂

This beautiful handmade papier mache light string would be a lovely addition to birthday party decorations.

This chocolate cake recipe is so good–it’s one of my favorites for birthday cakes!

We always let the birthday boy or girl choose dinner on their birthday.  For a March birthday like my Irish Mom, this might be a great choice!

When my kids wake up on their birthday, the kitchen is always decorated with garland and balloons and their gifts are sitting at their place on the table.  This is a great list of similar fun traditions.

I couldn’t love this birthday decor theme any more–Matryoshka dolls!

How about a garden party to celebrate a special birthday?  (Although it’s a little cold in March for this…maybe in June!)

Do you know the traditional birthday flowers for each month?  What a sweet gift it would make to give someone the traditional flowers with a little explanation…

Ask your kids the same questions on their birthday every year and record the answers to see how they change!  I love this idea!

What famous people share your birthday?  Find out here.

I feel like a birthday celebration calls for something a little funky and fun–a tulle skirt perhaps?

Sweet mother-daughter necklaces–a great birthday gift!

Have a great weekend!

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