Saying Good-bye to Skinnies?

I love my skinnies, I really do.  But they aren’t always THE most comfortable thing to wear, I’ll admit.  Certainly they aren’t UN-comfortable, or I wouldn’t wear them, but they aren’t the pants I turn to when I’m doing a lot of bending or running or climbing (and with my children, these activities ARE often on my schedule).  They’re made for cute, not comfort.

When I was in probably 8th or 9th grade, back in the mid-90s, palazzo pants were in style.  Do you remember them?  I used to love them–I had a pair with black and white vertical stripes that I remember being one of my favorite things to wear–dressy but still really comfortable.  Although many of my fashion choices in the 90s were questionable, so I don’t know how stylish they actually were. 

A month or two ago I saw some palazzo pants pop up on Pinterest.  Then last week I got an email from Anthro featuring a pair.  And now I’m curious–are they coming back?  I think I would be really excited. 

As I looked through the Anthropologie website, I saw a few other pairs of pants in interesting and unusual silhouettes that caught my eye–harem pants, drapey silk trousers, and lots of wide legs.

I love my skinnies, but I think these pants looks SO cute and quite a bit more comfortable.

So then I started searching other stores too and found lots of options at different price points–I’m sort of in love with this super-soft-and-comfy-but-still-dressy-pants look.


I can’t ever see abandoning skinnies altogether, but I definitely think some of these pants need to find their way into my closet for the Spring and Summer.  How do you feel about the different shapes on all these pants?  Love ’em or hate ’em?

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