My little Q is having surgery this morning. 

It’s not major–just an outpatient procedure to fix a herniated umbilicus (belly button).  He was born with the hernia and he’s big enough now that if it was going to close on its own, it would have.  It hasn’t closed, so we’re having it fixed to avoid any future complications.  All in all, we should be in and out of the hospital in 5 hours or so. 

But still, I worry.

He has to have anesthesia.  He’s never had anesthesia.

He’ll have to take it easy for a while to make sure he doesn’t pop the internal stitches in his little abdomen.  He’s not so good at taking it easy.

And so, I worry.

He’s actually excited about it.  He doesn’t like his (pretty significant) outie belly button and wants an innie like his brothers.   The doctor said she may not be able to make it an innie, but she can make it flat.  He’s perfectly fine with a “flattie”, as he’s calling it.

I’m sure it will be fine, we’ll snuggle on the couch for an afternoon and watch some movies, and by the weekend we’ll be back to normal.  

Regardless, I worry.

If you have a chance to send some good thoughts our way today, we’d appreciate them!

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