It’s Official–Welcome to the NEW Little Nesting Doll

I know there has been unexpected radio silence here for the last two months, but I’m ba-ack!  I’ve been very slowly migrating the site to a new host and a new server, and then tweaking it with the help of people very much smarter than me at this whole computer thing.  And now, I’m happy to say, I have things just how I want them.  And I can just write again.  Editing CSS is not my forte…

Spring sports are winding down, the pool is opening, the weather is finally not cold, and summer vacation beckons.

And there may be a few other fun things happening around here in the near future too.  Fingers crossed for an adventure!

I’m so glad to be back.


There will be new posts here all this week.  Please, if you’re here, leave me a comment.  Say hello.  Don’t leave me hanging.

I also have a new, fancy email address where you can get in touch with me and tell me how glad you are that Little Nesting Doll is back in business!

Email me at

And you guys, please, if you like what you’ve read here at Little Nesting Doll, link to this new site.  Share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.  Pin my lovely posts to Pinterest so other lovely people can read them, too.  Tell other people to read the site and comment!  The more, the merrier.  I hate to feel like I’m talking to myself.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading!


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