Cameras and Phones

IMG_0583A few years ago for Fathers’ Day, we got Matt a sweet new camera.  He’s a good photographer–not a professional, but a hobbyist–and he has a good eye.  I am a terrible, awful, horrible photographer, so I’m glad I have him around to make sure our lives are documented in photos that aren’t blurry, dark, and off-center.

When we got new phones last Fall though, we stopped bringing the camera so many places because we would use the camera on the phones to take pictures a lot.

Two weeks ago, I went to use the camera and realized there were photos on there from last October when we went apple picking that I’d never even put on the computer.  And they were good!  And I forgot they were even there because the iPhone cameras became our main cameras.  So I’m posting them now, because I want them on here and I want to remember that our phones are not our only camera.

IMG_0551IMG_0585 IMG_0571 IMG_0566 IMG_0555 IMG_0543I’m vowing here to start taking the good camera with us more often.  And then to actually download all the photos Matt takes so we can print them and enjoy them!

Do you take a camera with you everywhere, or do you rely on your phone?  Or do you just not photograph your whole life (like we do)?

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One thought on “Cameras and Phones

  1. Stephanie

    I take the good camera when I’m anticipating good photo ops. With those shutterfly books I make, if I want the pic to be large on a page it needs to come from the good camera. The phone’s resolution just isn’t good enough.


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