First Day of Summer Break

G finally lost a very  wiggly front tooth

G finally lost a very wiggly front tooth

This was officially the longest school year evaaaaaah.  School just ended this week, and since we go back fairly early this Fall (Labor Day falls on the earliest possible day in September), we have a short summer break.

We made the most of our first day of summer–card games, baking, playing in the yard, a long-awaited lost tooth, and a swim meet.

card game_firstdayofsummer

Welcome to the lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer


Lunch buffet–discussing our Summer To-Do List

And despite it’s brevity, we have big plans for this summer (don’t we always?).

summer to do listThe kids worked together to make this Summer To-Do List, and we’re going to try to check off every item in the next eight weeks.  We make one every year, and check items off with varying degrees of success, but I’m determined that this summer we will leave no fun un-had.  I have a few other ideas I plan to add on there, as well as a House Project To-Do list for myself, so we should be keeping pretty busy.

We’ll squeeze every last ounce of fun and daylight out of this summer to make up for it’s abbreviated length.  And if we all collapse into bed exhausted and dirty and happy every night, well, I’ll consider that a victory.

Here’s to summer!  What are your plans?

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