Leaky Sinks

My kitchen faucet has been leaking.  It needs to be fixed.  The problem is, the countertops in my kitchen are tile.  Which means that where the water leaked below the faucet, the tiles popped off the back of the counter around the sink.  Which, let me tell you, looks awesome.

I’m just going to go on record now and say that if you’re ever thinking of putting in tile countertops, STOP.  Don’t. Do. It.

Aside from the obvious downfall of cleaning grout being the suckiest chore ever, and one which you have to do frequently, tile counters are also completely not smooth, which makes things like kneading bread and rolling out dough nearly impossible.  Tile counters are also kind of sharp on the corners which means that as little children grow into bigger children, you can almost count on multiple head injuries as they run through the kitchen and don’t quite make the corner.  Not that I know this from experience…

Now we are trying to figure out if we need to A) just replace the faucet and maybe the sink and can fix the tiles around the sink and live with the stupid ugly tile counters for a while longer until we can REALLY redo the kitchen, or B) replace the whole countertop and therefore basically tear the entire kitchen apart and embark on the waterfall of projects that will ensue.

I’m pinning dream kitchens like it’s my job right now, but unfortunately they are not FREE dream kitchens.  Sigh.

Home ownership is the BEST.

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