Oh, Honey


I woke up one morning last week with a cold sore on my lip.  Gross.  Ugly.  And stress-induced, for sure.  It’s a busy time of year.

I try to avoid taking a lot of medicine, though, so I went to Pinterest and searched for natural cold sore remedies.  Pinterest is the new Google, in case you didn’t know.

I found quite a few options, but the one I found most interesting was something I have in the house ALWAYS, and that I have no problem putting in/on/near my mouth–HONEY.  The second most popular answer I found was Tea Tree Oil, which I also have in the house, but which you’re not supposed to ingest.

I decided to conduct a little experiment, and see if either of these remedies would be successful and which one would be more effective.  Somehow, tea tree oil seemed in my head like it would be more effective, so I tried that first even though it says on the little bottle not to eat it.  I did the Tea Tree Oil for a few days, making sure to NOT lick my lips when it was on there, and it definitely HELPED–the cold sore never got very big, and it was definitely drying out a bit, but it wasn’t going away.  So I switched to honey to see what that would do.

People, I think honey is magical.  Because it seriously worked.  The cold sore shrunk up in a day and it didn’t hurt at all anymore (and I also didn’t have to worry about not licking my lips). It’s not completely gone, but I think it will be soon–I just keep smearing a little honey on there every now and then.

Let food be thy medicine, peeps.  Let thy food be thy medicine.

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