Istanbul, Turkey

Indulge me for the next few days as I share pictures and stories from our trip to Turkey.  Photo-heavy posts coming up!

I think it would be an understatement to call it the trip of a lifetime.

Eight days, without children, with some of my best friends and their husbands in an exotic location, staying in amazing and luxurious hotels, celebrating the gorgeous wedding of one of my college roommates, capped off with several days on our own private yacht.

You can’t say no to those kind of trips, even if it does mean you have to leave your children for eight days.

It was amazing and beautiful.

If you ever get the chance to travel to Istanbul, take it.  The city was huge and full of contrast–ancient and modern, Muslim and Christian, Eastern and Western nestled up next to each other everywhere I looked.


Topkapi Palace entrance


Topkapi Palace


From one balcony at the palace, looking over the Bosphorus from Europe to Asia across the water.


The Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet Park


The Basilica Cistern


Inside the Blue Mosque


The Hagia Sophia–the largest Christian church in the world for 1100 years.


The Hagia Sophia was turned into a Mosque 550 years ago. Today it is a museum.


Beautiful Istanbul street view

Even more special was sharing the week with friends who I simply don’t see enough.  We live scattered across the country and around the world, and spending eight days together anywhere would have been fantastic.  To do it in such a phenomenal place was icing on the cake.

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