Celebrating the Red, White & Blue

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The perfect beginning to a holiday weekend.

This weekend is going to be full of celebration: fireworks and neighborhood block parties and 3-year old birthday parties and playing at the pool. We have a swim meet too, although I don’t know if I can really count that as a celebration.  They can be pretty fun though, so why not?

And we also have an anniversary.

Matt and I have two–one for our marriage, when we eloped, and one for our wedding a year and a half later, when we had a huge party and danced all night and celebrated with our family and friends.  Today is our WEDDING anniversary.

Oh my god, do we look like babies.

Oh my god, we look like babies.  Who let these children get married?!?!

We cleverly (unintentionally) got married in December and July, so we basically have an anniversary every six months.  It’s fun that way, but it makes it hard to keep track of the dates and the years.  (We’ve been married ten and a half years, but this is the ninth anniversary of our wedding.  Makes perfect sense, right?)

The country club by our house thoughtfully hosts a huge fireworks display on our anniversary every year (that’s today) but Hurricane Arthur seems to have a different plan, so we’ll be watching the fireworks on the 5th this year.  Fine by me, just spreads out the party even more.

I plan to eat, drink, and be merry all weekend with my favorite people.  This is one of my favorite weeks of the year, and it starts now.

Happy 4th of July (and 3rd of July, and 5th of July, and 6th of July, because we are celebrating all weekend)!

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