It’s Still Summer

first day of summer

This was the first day of summer. I think the last day of summer is going to look pretty similar…

We have four more days, and I’m not giving them up.

I’ve been watching all my family and friends’ Facebook posts about the first day of school all this past week and everyone’s kids look adorable and happy and like they’re growing too fast.  But all I can think is how glad I am that our school district doesn’t start until after Labor Day.

There’s some kind of mental boost from knowing school doesn’t start until September.  Never mind that it starts September 2nd…it’s still September, which means the whole month of August is summer, which makes me happy.

I don’t love the years when Labor Day falls late and we go back to school on September 7 or 8, but September 2nd seems just about perfect.

Yesterday we had the open houses at all the kids’ schools and met their teachers.  We dropped off the school supplies we purchased, picked up packets of papers to fill out, and actually got into the school-is-starting mode.  It was exciting!

We have a few more purchases we still have to make before we’re 100% ready for back-to-school, including several new pair of sneakers and other assorted shoes for some little boys who haven’t worn anything more structured than $2 flip flops from Old Navy since summer began.  Like last year, we won’t do any big “back-to-school shopping trips” until later in the Fall when it actually cools off.

I’ve already cleaned out the dressers for two kids in anticipation for eventually buying some new clothes, which is a huge task checked off my list.  It also made me realize we don’t really need any new clothes at all for a certain girl who just turned ten and got almost an entire new wardrobe as birthday gifts from lovely family members.  The boys will all need new pants once the weather turns cool because I think they’ve each grown 2″ taller over the summer.

This weekend we’re going to grocery shop and go to the farm and bake some healthy snacks I can use to pack lunches next week.  We’re going to play with friends and go to the pool and watch movies and read books and get haircuts and pack up school bags and and go to bed early on Sunday and Monday to attempt to get back in some kind of school-night routine.

It’s the final weekend of summer.  What are you doing?

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