lazymorningsMost mornings this summer break, my kids have watched a movie or TV show for a good hour or two almost every day.  I feel like I should maybe feel bad or guilty about that.

But I really don’t.

They usually wake up by 7:30 at the latest most mornings.  I am finally at a point in motherhood where they don’t really need me to make them breakfast, which is pretty awesome.  And I really like to sleep until 8AM.  It is the perfect time for my body and my brain to wake up, and thanks to the goodness of my husband, who is up and getting ready for work when most of the kids wake up anyway, I get to sleep until that golden hour most mornings.  He comes in at about 7:15 to kiss me good-bye and let me know which kids are up and which kids are asleep, and I roll back over and close my eyes for another 45 minutes.  It feels luxurious.

When I come downstairs, the kids are usually snuggled up together, all four in a row under a blanket, watching a Disney Channel movie or show, having already eaten breakfast.  I drink my coffee in a mostly-quiet kitchen, check my email, clean up from breakfast.

I love that short space of time in the morning when the kids are getting along (or at least not bickering because they’re engrossed in a movie).  No one is running around or climbing the door frames pretending to be Spiderman.  I can clean up the kitchen before anyone comes in asking for more food and making a mess as I try to clean.

So I don’t feel one bit guilty about the TV babysitting for a while–it’s such a departure from our school year routine (no TV ever before school, and very rarely do they watch TV after school).  The kids read for at least 30 minutes a day all summer too, so we aren’t watching TV at the exclusion of books.  Mama gets a little quiet time to drink my coffee and check Facebook, making me a happier, more cheerful person.

Plus, I’m learning all the words to the songs in Teen Beach Movie by osmosis, so really, it’s a winning situation all around.

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2 thoughts on “Relaxing

  1. Laura Goldberg

    This post comes at the perfect time for me. About to pop out #4 and the tv definitely has been my friend this summer 🙂

  2. Mish

    I’m with you. . . well not the sleeping in part, yet.
    My kids are still in preschool and I work outside the home so there is no summer schedule here. Generally my kids get 1/2 hour of TV right before bed as part of their wind down routine. On nights where my husband is working late and I don’t feel good (due to a chronic condition) or am just extremely low on patience I allow them some extra TV time. Probably less than once a week.

    Winter weekends are a different story. . . . THAT is the time of year my kids end up with extra TV.


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