Summer Finale

We were up in Massachusetts last week visiting family and friends.  It was an amazing and fun week and I loved watching my kids play with my nephews and niece.  It’s awesome.

cousin sleepoverI’m telling you, New England has the best summers. We kayaked, swam, had tons of ice cream, visited multiple playgrounds (including one in NYC on a one-night stop on the way to Boston that might have been the coolest playground I’ve ever been to), went to the beach, had cousin-sleepovers, movie nights, and boat rides.

ice cream on the cape

gun showI also got to hang out with my sisters and my parents, which I don’t do enough, and see a few friends (although not as many as I usually see when we go home).  It was restorative.

nana aunta B

My Mom, my youngest sister, and my B.

sisters on newbury

My middle sister and I hanging on Newbury St

Unfortunately, halfway through the week I got sick with what I thought was my third round of strep throat in six weeks.  Ugh, being sick on vacation is terrible.  I tried to make the most of it, but I felt pretty miserable for a few days.

Now I’m home and have seen my Doctor and she doesn’t think it’s strep after all, so I had a bunch of blood drawn and am being tested for a whole slew of fun stuff.  Until I get results, I’m just supposed to rest and take it easy (which is really, really hard to do the week before school starts).  I’m trying my best, because if it were anyone else I would make them follow doctor’s orders.

And with that, we have one week left until school starts.  I think we’ve made this summer pretty amazing, and I’m excited about getting back to school.  But I still plan to spend the next few days relaxing at the pool while the kids swim.  It ain’t over til it’s over.

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