A Room Somewhere

All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air, with one enormous chair, oh, wouldn’t it be lovely…        –My Fair Lady

Do you have a dedicated office or a space in your house that’s all yours?  I don’t.  I totally want one though.

The kids have a playroom.  Matt has an office/man room (although, to be fair, it currently has our guest bed in it).  But I really don’t have a space that’s mine.  When I write, I sit at the kitchen table with the laptop.  When I sew, I have to set my sewing machine up every time and put it all away at the end, which makes long-term projects kind of a pain.

I’m basically home all day.  The freelance projects I do here and there are done from home.  I write at home.

A dedicated space where I can set up my stuff and leave it out and not have to clear my projects off the kitchen table so we can eat dinner would make my life so much easier.

Matt agrees, so we’re trying to figure out a plan for where my room will be and what I need in it.

Fortunately, thanks to Pinterest I have many ideas and inspiration photos.  Unfortunately this is not an unlimited-budget project, so we’re going slowly and not buying anything until I’ve got a clear picture in my mind of what I need and what I want.

I want to make sure I have it right.  I’m being very deliberate in creating this space in my head and on paper first.  Taking my time is not always in my nature, so this is a good exercise in patience.

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4 thoughts on “A Room Somewhere

  1. Mish

    ah-hem. . . You are working from home. . . YOU should have the actual office, rather than Matt. He has an office at work. 😉

    Sorry Matt, us girls need to stick together.


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