Back to School


My 5th grader, Pre-Kindergartener, 2nd grader, and 1st grader!

The kids were off this morning to start another school year without so much as a backward glance.  In fact, they were up and dressed at 6:45AM, despite the fact that they don’t leave to walk to school until 8:15AM.  Excitement and anticipation were the words of the day.

I love everything about back-to-school time.  I love the fresh start, I love the clean slate, I love the potential for an amazing school year.

I love the new shoes.

I even don’t mind packing up the lunches.  That will last for a few weeks at least.

We had outfits picked out days ago.  They hung, ironed and ready, in bedrooms last night.  We actually have outfits picked out for the whole week.  That’s kind of how we roll.

Pre-K doesn’t actually start until next week, so for the next few days Q and I will fall back into our school day routines and do chores and errands together alone.  We’ll read books and play games and he’ll definitely watch a few cartoons so I can get an hour of time to do things like…write this.  Then on Monday, we’re off to his first day and the beginning of the end–this is our last year of preschool (and our 8th year AT our preschool).

So we are back to the grind, with all the fun and excitement it entails.  I love this time of year!



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